2018-2019 Executive Commitee

Chapter Director - Brennan Mills (b.mills@fireandflood.ca)

Chapter Chair - Amber Moar (amber.moar@spiritsd.ca)

Chapter Vice-Chair - Brad Smith, CCCA (bsmith@henrydowning.ca)

Education Officer - Jenny Dergousoff (jenny.dergousoff@stantec.com)

Engineering Officer - Trevor Knoll (trevor.knoll@robb-kullman.com)

Facility Manager Officer - Daryl Cherry (daryl.cherry@usask.ca)

Membership Officer - Cole Shepherd (cole@tdstone.ca)

Secretary/Treasurer - Kelly Boldt, CSP (k.boldt@cwce.ca)

Legal Officer - Jared D. Epp (j.epp@rslaw.com)

Architectural Officer - Ted Engel (Ted.engel@aodbt.com)

Marketing Liaison - Cory Rodych (coryr@cpdist.ca)

Newsletter & Website Editor - Wade Klassen (wade.klassen@kaa.ca)

Programming Officer - Tyler Grabowski, CTR (tyler@penwestsales.com)

Member at Large - Rick Kalenchuk, CCCA (rick.kalenchuk@hotmail.com)

Member at Large - Bob Spenst, FCSC, CTR, CCCA (smpmetalsystems@gmail.com)

Interiors Officer - vacant

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